We have started this online store with the same passion and creativity to serve you with the miniatures that will come to your rescue when looking for the perfect gift. Our founder is very determined to help you all with her custom, handmade bobbleheads to make every occasion special for you. She is a true artist who loves amalgamating the finesse of innovative designs and sculpting creativity into miniatures that you now call “CustomBobblehead”. Our founder believes that digitization and 3-D technology have helped the world in creating an ecosystem very different from the past and made it easy for all of us to craft our stories and reach out to each other.

The main goal behind the company is sustaining finery in elements and bringing excellence in bobble designs as well as the quality of the material. Hence, that’s why ‘CustomBobblehead’ is very different from all the other options you have. Our ageless mini caricatures are timeless! These miniatures are specially handcrafted, depending on your requirements. Our customers can choose from a wide range of options available, fitting their stories the best. Now you can get a really cool miniature of a friend, lover, or your own self that you can proudly display.

Why Should You Buy?

With Custom Bobblehead, we wish to create a hassle-free shopping experience that gives you immense joy and is etched within you, leaving a personalized mark. You can get your very own Bobbleheads delivered to your doorstep as we make sure to provide you hassle-free shopping experience. So, get your bobblehead customized NOW!

The idea of fascinating bobbleheads and their quirky designs have led to the inception of this online store. The delight is best suited for gifting on special days. Each piece that comes out goes through hours of handcrafting until it reaches perfection. These mini-sculptures show the person you are gifting it to them, how much thought you have put in to select your gift, and how much dedication we have put to work in order to make your gift the best.

Ever wondered what it would be like to have creative and unique gift ideas delivered right at your doorstep?

You can shop on our website with an ocean of options available for your loved ones or people in professional relations to celebrate all your special days with CustomBobblehead.cc. We understand that sometimes the festivities arrive sooner than you expected and gifts are the utmost priority at that moment. From giving a Thanksgiving gift to your customers to making your anniversary memorable, we have it all covered for you! Find your favourite pieces for the quirkiest collection at our e-store.

Let this wonderful experience of online shopping be memorable for you and us!

Creative Gifts

It happens most of the time that you wish to go beyond the realms of conventional gifting systems and gift your loved ones unique and thoughtful gifts to surprise them and make them feel special. The idea of gifting chocolate or showering them with cards and flowers, however, is very meaningful, but it’s always good to step out and do something that will sweep them off their feet.

It is the need of the hour, so we took the responsibility to come up with something innovative that says a million words without having to say anything.

Surround yourself with a bounty of irresistible bobbleheads that are hard to miss. Take a peek in our exquisite collection to know what we have to offer. It’s time to express your love and respect like never before. All you need is an eye to catch the little things that are ‘not so little.’

Grab one ASAP from our collection and give a loved one (including you) something to remember!


Amazing, isn’t it!


The mini bobbleheads are the perfect gifts for people of all ages to set those unforgettable memories in stone Be it anniversaries, housewarming or anything else you will find the perfect pieces for everyone here, at Custombobblehead.cc.

Not literally. But bobbleheads do make fun gifts!

To have a look at our custom collection, click on the get customize option and enjoy your bobbling experience. It’s time to set your memories in stone for a lifetime to come. Share happiness!