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Top 4 fun things to do with bobbleheads

Fun bobbleheads

 Bobbleheads are miniature dolls that resemble in appearance to the people. The bobbleheads are now available in a plethora of designs. Customized bobbleheads are considered the ideal personalized gift for people. The customized bobbleheads add fun to any occasion and prove to be the perfect surprise element. The bobbleheads are much more than the simple nodding head toys that were loved by the kids. With time the bobbleheads gained popularity amongst the adults as well. Earlier, the bobbleheads were made to resemble sports stars, celebrities, pop stars, and movie stars. But with the option of customization, everyone now desires to have a bobblehead that resembles in appearance to them.

One of the best things about bobbleheads is that they let you experiment with its designs, thus wakening up the inner kid within you. The personalized bobbleheads are the perfect choice when you wish to have fun or prank your beloved ones. Wondering how to create mischief with the bobbleheads? Ran out of prank ideas? Well, then here are a few ideas that you can consider giving a try.

  1. Prank your boss 

Being grown-ups does not imply that one should stop having fun. If you cannot go out to have fun, then why not entertain yourself and your colleagues within the office premises? Confused! We are talking about pranking your boss but don’t worry, this would not cost you your job; instead would bring a sweet smile your boss faces. For the prank, you need to get a customized bobblehead created that resembles your boss in appearance. Once the bobblehead is made, then gather all your colleagues in the meeting room. Once there, then you need to take the bobblehead and place it on the podium in the meeting room facing all your colleagues. Make everyone pretend to take notes and nod at the bobblehead. 

Let all your colleagues appear deeply engrossed in thoughts as they would do when your boss addresses them. Ensure that all the colleagues are staring at the custom bobblehead or else the boss won’t notice. Then one colleague can go and trick the boss into the meeting room for a briefing session. You can hide a camera in the meeting room to record your boss’s expression when they enter the meeting room. This prank would also be a great way of giving your boss a present as a token of appreciation.

  1. Prank your professor

Remember the good old school days when you would play pranks and get scolded by your teacher for them. Do you miss the charm of those golden days? If you are still in college, you can revive back the joy of those days by pranking your professor. We have got just the right prank that would help you to relive those golden moments yet again. Here’s what you need to do. You need to ask your class to create their custom bobbleheads in an outfit that the entire class would sport, say your department’s T-shirt. You then need to get into confiding two fellow professors who would help you with the prank. You need to create a bobblehead for the professor that you’re about to prank. After the bobbleheads are made, you ask the second professor to take your professor away while you and your classmates slip in the class and plant their respective bobbleheads on top of their desks. You also need to place the professor’s bobblehead on their desk where he/she sits while teaching the class. Once it’s done, then hide in a place in the classroom from where you all are not visible. Before your professor walks in, you can hide a camera somewhere to record their expression. The bobbleheads should be set in a manner to replicate an ongoing live class session. When the professor walks in, they would be surprised to find bobbleheads on the desks instead of the real students. Their expression would be captured on the camera. Once the prank is over, you can gift the professor with their bobbleheads. The trick would also be an appreciation for the hard work of your professor.

  1. Fun at work

Are you tired of the regular 9-5 shifts and the mundane office life? Then why not add a dash of fun to a day in the office? Here is another office prank that would cost you nothing but laughs. 

All that you need to do is to create a custom bobblehead of your supervisor. Once at the workplace, you need to place the bobbleheads on every colleague’s desk. When the supervisor comes around, you and your colleagues should enact to ignore him until they address you directly. You and your colleagues need to say things like ‘Yes Sir/Ma’am,’ ‘No Sir/Ma’am,’ Working on it Sir/Ma’am’ to the bobblehead. Do this when the supervisor is walking by. You would be amused to see their expression and the way they react to the situation. One or two colleagues can film the situation as a memory of the prank. To make the prank look more realistic, you can make a miniature tea or coffee set a part of the act. You need to take the small mugs and place it in every bobblehead’s hand and pour tea/coffee in them to make it more realistic.

  1. Scare your friend

Remember the horror movies Annabelle, Curse of Chucky in which the dolls would be scaring people? Why not use the bobblehead to scare your friend in a similar manner, sounds interesting, right! For the prank, you need to select a friend who gets scared easily, and once you’re done, you need to pick two more friends who would help you with the prank. When the selection is made, then call your friends over to your house for a night stay. Then you and your two friends except the one your pranking get your bobbleheads made in the clothes you will wear on the day of the night stay. When the bobbleheads are ready, you’re all set for the prank. When your friends come over, you can begin with a horror movie marathon, mostly the doll horror movies. Then to lighten the mood, you can in the middle of it begin a storytelling session. In between that, one friend can tell a realistic story in which all the characters turn into dolls. When fear starts to arise in your chosen friend’s mind, then you’re all set to spook her out. You send him/her to get some drinks for you all from the kitchen, and when he/she has left, then you place your bobbleheads in your place and hide in a place from where you not visible. Turn off the lights and wait for your friend to return. Once your friend has returned, enjoy the way they get spooked out by seeing bobbleheads in place of the real person. Ensure that you have a hidden camera somewhere that would record the incident.

So these are a few ways in which you can have fun with the bobbleheads. Did you find the pranks fun enough? Have other fun bobblehead prank ideas? Share your ideas with us in the comments below.

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